Developing strong brand identities that resonate with end consumers is a core part of our service. To do this successfully, a structured approach to brand proposition and positioning is needed.

But with Drupal, it doesn’t stop there. Considerations like responsive logo treatments can go even further to giving customers a favourable impression of your brand and your site.

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User Experience (UX) is a critical aspect of all websites. For most CMS projects, it involves making sure that key user journeys are well catered for and that page designs are structured to allow information to be easily consumed.

Items such as form elements and menu structures also need careful consideration from a UX perspective. And if your Drupal site is transactional, there are product pages, basket and checkout pages to get right.

Drupal theme design

With Drupal you have two choices for theme design: custom design and development from a base theme, or designing over a pre-built third party theme. At Strange we usually use the Bootstrap framework to inform our design principles and take a user-centric approach to make sure page designs are well thought through.

Clear visual hierarchy and prominent call to action buttons and are a given, but it’s often the subtle touches that make our designs just that bit better and help set you apart from your competitors.

Asset design and production

Your online brand identity needs to be aligned with your overall brand. To do this, we can produce all the required content and designs, whether banners, hero panels, diagrams, info graphics or custom iconography.


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Copy – words that work hard

Words are a crucial part of any Drupal website. Copy not only has to provide customers with a favourable impression, tell a story, educate or even sell, it also has to plays its part in SEO. Our experienced and professional writers and can cater for range of audiences in the required tone of voice. Whether it’s product copy, blog articles or services copy, we can produce it at very cost effective rates.

Photography and video

Photography and video play a huge role in helping consumers engage with your brand and understand your products or services. In short, good image assets are pivotal to the success of your site. Photography/video are specialist skills, so we work with a range of photographers who can help with product photography, lifestyle imagery and brand or campaign photography and video.

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