Drupal hosting

We recommend Amazon AWS for all cloud based hosting solutions, having worked on the platform since 2007. It's an unbeatable hosting offering, and the speed at which Amazon innovates is breathtaking compared to other providers. 

If you need an advanced auto scaling environment, it's something we often provide for our Drupal based clients, and a key part of this is the ability to evaluate and modify modules and develop custom code that will work in these environments.

Amazon also plays a pivotal role in our DevOps processes. We frequently review the hosting market to see what all the providers are offering and we know there are other good hosting providers, but we've become experts on the Amazon AWS platform and we love it.

For physical server solutions we recommend Rackspace, having been a customer of theirs since 2002.  They're a very customer focused company with great solutions.

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Drupal DevOps

Strict and controlled deployment processes and automation frameworks enable efficient business operations. If Drupal is a core part of your business operations, you need a robust approach to DevOps.

DevOps requirements and considerations are thought through in the initial phases of our client projects. We understand the impact that this can have on the success of a project and the ongoing operations of the site. It also allows us to offer SLAs that match your business requirements.

OurDevOps tool suite and processes include:

  • Trello/Jira – release planning
  • Docker
  • Git – to mange source code and version control
  • Ansible
  • Amazon AWS

Our structured approach also allows us to co-develop with your teams where necessary, or undertake specific elements of a Drupal project.

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