With Magento, there's more to this. Responsive logo treatments, pin sharp photography and a great user experience are all factors that help make customers like your brand and increase conversion rates. 

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We love developing strong brand identities that resonate with customers. And we take a structured approach to the process.


Great user experiences are a critical part of all website journeys and this is especially true for Magento. There are obvious areas where a considered UX solution will help increase conversion rates and the commercial success of your business.

Home page, landing pages, category pages and product pages, form design, basket and checkout pages all need to be looked at carefully from a UX perspective. Small and subtle changes from a design and UX perspective can play an important part in shaping a good user experience on your Magento store.

We use our experience and a range of information gained from analytics, user testing and Conversion Rate Optimisation programmes to put the science into UX.

Magento theme design

Your two choices for theme design with Magento are 1) custom design and development from a base theme, or 2) a pre-built third party theme as a starting point. We typically use the Bootstrap framework to inform our design principles and follow a user-centric approach to making sure page designs are well thought through.

It goes without saying that clear visual hierarchy and prominent calls to action are essential, but what makes our creative that bit better are the small touches that can go a long way in putting you ahead of the competition.

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Asset design and production

Whether creating banners, hero panels or custom iconography, we can produce all the required content and designs for your site. Taking a consistent approach will bring alignment to your online brand identity.

Copy – words that work hard

Well written copy not only provides your customers with a favourable impression of your brand or product, it also has a role to play in SEO – an important aspect of any Magento site. Our in-house copywriters are experienced in writing for a range of audiences, and can produce product copy, blog articles or services copy at cost effective rates.

Photography and video

Good image assets are pivotal to the success of your Magento store. Pin sharp photography and well made videos have a huge role to play in helping consumers engage with your brand and understand your products. We work with photographers and video artists to provide high quality image assets. 


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