PPC is at the centre of many digital marketing campaigns – and with good reason. The channel offers many techniques to achieve a range of marketing objectives and we offer a full range of PPC management services to help achieve better performance from Google and Bing campaigns.

Our process starts with understanding your business and immersing ourselves in the data that underpins the performance of your business.

PPC can be used effectively in a number of ways. Aligning the strategy to support your business objectives is at the heart of everything we do, for example:

  • Ensuring your brand is not drowned out by competitor or affiliate ads
  • Deploying device-specific search strategies to ensure your ads reach the right devices at the right time
  • Highlighting promotions and special offers or encouraging people to click or call

To achieve better results, we use all the tools at our disposal. These include:

  • Bid management – we use a patented sophisticated algorithm and artificial intelligence, powered by the Bayesian Estimation theory, to help your campaigns work harder
  • Geographic targeting and ad scheduling – targeting your audience in the right location at the right time
  • Device specific strategies for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Conversion tracking – tracking conversions and transactions is a given, but we can also track other events further up the conversion funnels to optimise campaigns for different objectives
  • Manual and automated ad extensions and features – calls, callouts locations, reviews, site links, apps, consumer ratings, previous visits, seller ratings, dynamic site link extensions, dynamic structured snippets
  • Structured keyword match strategies for broad match, broad match modifier, phrase, exact and negative match
  • Ad copy testing and rotation programmes to make sure ad copy is working

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Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)

Using campaign data, we can make informed decisions about the best strategies for remarketing. Google’s RLSA feature allows us to deploy different bid management techniques depending on how people have interacted with your website. And it’s not only bid management that we can optimise with RLSA campaigns, we can alter ad copy and a range of other ad features to make sure that the ads are tailored to these individuals.


Google Shopping

We can help make your product inventory available on Google Shopping so that your products appear in the Shopping tab, and often above other text based ads, in the search results.

To set up, manage, optimise and report on Google Shopping campaigns, our full range of services includes:

  • Setup and management of your Google Merchant Centre Account
  • Shopping feed consultancy and development – Shopping Ads are populated using an optimised feed and we can work with you to help translate your ecommerce product feed into an optimised feed suitable for Google Shopping
  • Content and feed optimisation so that your products are shown for relevant searches
  • Campaign optimisation to reduce click costs, improve conversion rates and improve ROI
  • Comprehensive campaign reporting with daily performance updates


Are you tired of infrequent and uninformative campaign reports? We solve that by combining the power of Google’s Data Studio with bid management systems, analytic platforms and your website to give you a comprehensive performance dashboard that's available 24/7.

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