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If you're interested in social advertising, we've been helping clients ever since Facebook's Marketplace was launched in 2007. Over the years, and especially since 2012, the advertising capabilities and features of Facebook's platform have steadily increased, and today it offers an impressive range of advertising solutions that can benefit brands of all sizes.

Our comprehensive range of social advertising services includes:

  • Setup and management of Facebook Business Manager and other platform advertising accounts
  • Audience planning
  • Campaign creative and video
  • Campaign setup and optimisation
  • Tracking implementation
  • Comprehensive campaign reporting with daily performance updates

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Facebook advertising overview

If you’re new to social advertising, here’s a quick summary of the options available on Facebook:

  • Different campaign types to meet specific objectives – from driving sales and installing apps, to promoting events or boosting posts – most requirements can be catered for
  • Exceptional audience targeting options – lookalike audiences, interest and demographic targeting as well as visitor based retargeting that allow you to build very specific campaigns with different objectives for each segment
  • Multiple ad creative formats including video, carousel, canvass and image based
  • Access to both Facebook and Instagram inventory
  • Post click and post view reporting with up to 28 day attribution
  • Powerful reporting and analytics suite

What Facebook really does well is join up campaign data across a user’s various devices as most people remain logged in on their phones and other devices.


Other social platforms

Twitter also has an effective advertising capability. You can set up campaigns to drive traffic to websites, grow your followers and raise your brand awareness. The platform also has various targeting and creative formats to consider and a decent analytics capability. 

Other advertisers to consider include LinkedIn, Pinterest and Spotify.

Which platform is right for your campaign?

This really depends on your campaign objectives, demographics and overall social strategy. But if you want to know what the broader advertising industry thinks then their respective commercial advertising revenue will give you an idea. Facebook enjoyed a 57% increase in adverting spend in 2017 to $26 billion, where as Twitter’s last reported quarterly ad revenue in 2017 fell 8% to $548 million.

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