Magento 2 website development

We’ve been busy with Magento 2 projects this year.

We invested a lot of time in 2017 to evaluate Magento 2 and our development teams completed the Magento 2 training courses including;

  • Fundamentals of Magento 2 development
  • Core Principles for theming in Magento 2
  • Responsive Web Design in Magento 2

We re-engineered all our DevOps process to support the new architecture, reviewed starter themes, analysed extensions and gained proficiency in the various releases. Whilst we struggled with the amount of bugs in the various 1.x releases we have become much happier with the 2.x releases. They’re pretty good.

We’re pleased to have rolled out our first production site and have several new Magento 2 projects in development and also been discussing the upgrade path with our existing 1.x client base. After a lot of work and investment, we’re now happy with Magento 2.2x – it’s a great platform and a solid improvement on 1.x.

Performance Max new features

Performance Max new features

As we head into the business end of Q4, it’s more important than ever to get better performance from your digital marketing campaigns. One way to do that is through utilising Performance Max campaigns and especially the new features.

Our commitment to supporting Drupal and Drupal 10

Our commitment to supporting Drupal and Drupal 10

As a Drupal Association Organisation Member, we’ve been proud supporters of Drupal for many years and Drupal is our go to CMS for many of our web development clients. When new Drupal releases launch, we’re often busy helping clients plan their upgrade path and with Drupal 10 launching in December, it’s a busy end to the year for our web development teams.

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