Spryker - the commerce operating system

Spryker Systems is a commerce technology company offering a unique commerce operating system, the “Spryker Commerce OS”, as well as a wide range of corresponding customer interfaces (apps). In response to increasing device variety and user journey complexity Spryker helps companies to reach their customers across all digital touchpoints.

The modern “Spryker Commerce OS” enables them to implement new customer interfaces in the form of applications (front-end apps) such as desktop shops, mobile apps, IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios, blockchain, bot and voice integrations at speed, opening up new customer centric sources of revenue and opportunities without long lead times.

Spryker's architecture is based on a separation of front-end apps and back-end capabilities, providing users with the highest possible levels of agility. Apps are designed to deliver ultra- fast performance with strong core capabilities while remaining lean, flexible, and quick to build.


The back-end (Spryker Commerce OS) provides a solid, highly decoupled foundation consisting of all relevant capabilities. Data is stored in one single place to deliver secure and reliable data sets meanwhile, the modular core code provides the biggest possible freedom in avoiding unnecessary components, updates, or maintenance work.


Spryker provides the agility and speed tech savvy companies need to set up different customer interfaces. These can be continuously adapted based on real-time customer feedback allowing them to create unique commerce experiences across a range of touchpoints.

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