Drupal to the rescue

Drupal to the rescue

When AutoRestore®, the vehicle accident repair company and sister company of Autoglass®, asked us to pitch for a new responsive CMS, we knew we could help.


Organic search performance was a key consideration and the initial planning phases of the project focused on extensive keyword research to understand consumer’s search behaviour and map these to commercial opportunities. This research helped drive the information architecture, site labelling strategy and content strategy.


Using our user centric design process, we then set to work creating prototypes and wireframes, before moving into the production of designs and content to best reflect the brand.

For development, our platform solution was Drupal, the popular open source CMS system. As experts in Drupal, we created a powerful and easy to use responsive website, and using its flexible framework to help integrate the site with various third party APIs. The site is hosted on a fully scalable AWS solution configured to comply with IT standards of the Belron Group®.


In addition to providing a great responsive website, the site delivers good commercial value to AutoRestore® from an SEO perspective. It returns many first position, page one results for important search terms in a highly competitive marketplace.


Strange is one of the best agencies that I work with. They make me feel that the success of my project matters personally to them rather than simply treating me as just another client. They communicate extremely well, are proactive and go the extra mile. The quality of the work they deliver is very high and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Chris Smith
eBusiness Manager, Belron