Case Study

Avery WePrint - Content Strategy

We’ve always admired Avery’s passion for innovation and their commitment to offering a great service. Their custom printing service Avery WePrint encompasses just that. The website allows you to design or upload custom artwork for labels, business cards and other stationery products, and it’s then professionally printed and delivered by Avery.


As a long standing client we have a sound insight into their service and customer, along with lots of ideas about how to enhance their website performance. One key opportunity was to increase revenue from new and returning customers through adopting a content strategy with objectives to improve SEO for article pages and produce engaging content to link to from their emails.


Our approach was to routinely compile and publish articles aligned to the two core users intended for the content; small business owners looking for custom printing options and existing customers who would benefit from and be interested in broader small business insight.

To ensure topics were aligned to the sectors and seasonality of the audiences we reviewed user order patterns, explored keyword volumes and undertook research into core sectors to better plan topic timings. This meant we had a pretty good idea of what users were interested in and when.

Next came the fun part: writing a range of purposeful articles, incorporating relevant and useful links, information and advice. By adopting an authoritative but relatable tone of voice we were able to produce articles that resonated with the audience. Copy was of course optimised to rank well in search engines, along with ensuring titles and metadata was well thought through.

Ever the data fans, we monitored key metrics including traffic levels, page value and page performance indicators to gain insights into performance and continually adapt our approach based on the learnings.


We have seen consistent month on month improvements for organic sessions to the article pages and the quality of the content is reflected in improved bounce rates and page duration. Uplifted pages per session and page value are also a testament to the effectiveness of the content in driving onward journeys and conversions.

We’ve seen a good response from the email audience too; with improved click through rates on emails with articles and onward actions and conversions from the sessions.

Going one step further to support Avery WePrint with SEO improvements, we analysed the key products and sectors to produce a gap analysis of missing article content.

Increase organic sessions
Reduction in bounce rate
Increase in email CTR

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