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Google Grant PPC Management

The Centre for Ageing Better is an independent charitable foundation, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund. It creates change in policy and practice informed by evidence and works with partners across England to improve employment, housing, and to combat ageism.


The Centre for Ageing Better believes that more people living longer represents a huge opportunity for society and they want everyone to live a good later life. But changes are needed so more people are in good health, are financially secure, are socially connected, and have a sense of meaning and purpose in later life.


Strange has been working with Ageing Better for the last three years and have recently won the contract to continue working with them for up to three more years. As an agency, we are really proud of the lasting relationships we build with our clients, but more than that, we are proud of the results we are able to deliver for them.

One of the challenges we were facing managing the Google Grants account for Ageing Better was being able to deploy the full budget each month. We were noticing that standard search spend was flat YoY, so we needed to find a solution that was going to increase spend through the account whilst still being able to meet the client’s objectives and the Grants policies outlined by Google.

We had previously run some low level DSA campaigns with some success so wanted to see what more could be achieved with this campaign type. Our approach resulted in building out a complete DSA strategy that ensured full coverage of the website. Running this alongside the standard search campaigns opened up a whole new area of search that we had not previously been targeting. Careful search term report analysis meant we were able to build robust negative keyword lists to minimise wastage and maintain quality traffic reaching the website, whilst beginning to scale the account.


As a result, we saw some staggering growth YoY.

  • Spend increased by 84%
  • There was an 88% increase in impressions
  • We generated a 20% increase in traffic to the website
Increase in spend
Increase in impressions
Increase in traffic to website


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As a charity, it's really important that our digital marketing spend is delivered as efficiently as possible. Google Grants search restrictions are challenging and mean we look to Strange to provide high-quality strategic thinking and optimisation. The implementation of the new DSA strategy has hugely contributed to the success in achieving our growth and performance KPIs.

Yehia Nasr
Digital and Content Manager, Centre for Ageing Better

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