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Case Study

Post Pandemic Pickup

As global travel markets opened up following the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported a valued client with a range of (very flexible) PPC and social marketing services to help their business rebound.


Holiday Architects are one of the most trusted tour operators in the UK, designing tailor made holidays and experiences, whatever the budget. Their expert team works hard to get to know each customer and their travel needs to ensure the perfect holiday match. There are no package holidays or off the shelf solutions. The unique holidays created for each person is what has made this company so successful over the last 10+ years..

We have been working with Holiday Architects for over 4 years, and have worked hard as an extension of their marketing department to grow their business online. However, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the travel industry was catastrophic. We supported the business through this and as we now venture out from the other side, we understood the challenge ahead.


We needed to prepare the account in order for it to grow back to its pre-pandemic levels, however this time, it was more critical than ever that the budget was being spent as efficiently as possible.

There was previously an emphasis on traffic and engagement and the account had been running efficiently to meet these objectives. We now needed to implement a new strategy that was more conversion focused and as a result began testing a maximise conversions bidding strategy on a handful of the top performing campaigns. Initial results were looking promising so we took the plunge and rolled out the new strategy account wide. While we experienced a small dip in performance as the campaigns initially reentered the learning phase, the campaigns quickly recovered and we have been reaping the rewards ever since.


Comparing account performance MoM, we saw:

  • 22% uplift in the number of conversions
  • 59% increase in conversion rate
  • 15% drop in cost per lead

The efficiency we were able to achieve by embracing automation has been far better than we could have anticipated. The account is now fully equipped to be efficiently scaled in line with the clients business objectives through 2022 and 2023.

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Uplift in conversions
Increase in conversion rate
Reduction in cost per lead


Opening quotation marks

Navigating out of the Covid-19 pandemic has been extremely challenging for our business. Strange supported us throughout by pivoting our search strategy to react to market conditions. I’m really pleased to be in a position now where efficient growth is attainable and our business objectives are being consistently achieved.”

Andrew Hunt
Founder, Holiday Architects

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