15 years of strategy, technology and marketing goodness

Fifteen years is a long time in digital. Some of you will remember the time before Google and Facebook, or even when mobile phones were just for calling people. There are now many things in the everyday marketing mix that didn't exist until fairly recently.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients to keep on top of these changes, often complex digital projects. We've kept our focus on client service and delivering exceptional results, and this has stood the test of time. As we reflect over the last 15 years, we’re pleased to say that we still have some clients that were with us when we started, and we’re delighted with the way the agency has attracted more and more brands over the years. Winning briefs from the likes of Google and Nike is no mean feat! Our values remain the same today as they did when we first introduced them. Be passionate in what you do – digital is ever changing and we like to be really into our work. Do the right thing – we find that people instinctively know what this is and we encourage them to do it. Achieve excellence – no matter what you do, do it well. The past 15 years of agency growth would not have been possible without the clients and staff we’ve met along the way. We’re thankful to the clients who’ve briefed us and allowed our staff to deliver outstanding results for them.

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