3 reasons why Gatsby is great

Gatsby logo

We love great tech at Strange and Gatsby is no exception.  Gatsby is a React-based framework and data layer that allows developers to create fast, secure, and powerful websites by allowing easy integration of different content, APIs, and services into a single online experience.

Here’s three reasons why we think Gatsby is set to become one of the leading web dev frameworks. 

Responsive and fast - good for users and SEO

Gatsby uses a combination of static site generation, delayed static generation, and intelligent page rendering to selectively preload the material that counts, resulting in a lightning-quick website that feels amazingly fast and responsive.

Gatsby can help you improve your Google Lighthouse scores and improve SEO traffic, and conversions.

(Google Lighthouse is an open-source tool for measuring the quality of web pages. It can be run against websites to audit their performance, accessibility and search engine optimisation status) 

Combine data from several sources to create rich web experiences

Gatsby features a common data layer that makes it simple for developers to mix data from various sources and present it side by side. Consistently add material to your site from Shopify, WordPress, Stripe, and other sources.

Provides an enjoyable experience for developers

Gatsby is a React-based and it incorporates cutting-edge technologies like as GraphQL, Webpack, and others to offer an extraordinarily beautiful developer experience. Spend less time maintaining and optimising your code and more time building it.