4 reasons you need a content series as part of your Travel Marketing strategy

A content series is a sequence of related content around a key topic; each piece is a digestible chunk of information that can stand on its own, but also adds to the overall story. Publishing a content series allows you to provide information in a consistent and creative way, and helps to build an audience interested in your particular niche. An effective content series is important for your travel marketing strategy because it adds to the overall story your company is trying to tell while maintaining audience interest, streamlining your content creation process, building credibility, and boosting SEO efforts.

Maintains your audience’s interest

Content series are a great way to sustain audience interest and engagement for the content you are producing. This means it is vital your first instalment of the content series is captivating, establishes credibility, and engages the audience to ensure they continue to return to your page for the next part.

So, how would this work in your travel marketing strategy? One way you may want to utilise a content series to maintain audience interest is to create a course of blog posts about specific locations within a country. For example, instead of creating a combined list of the ‘Top 5 Cities In Spain’, you could share travel insights in five bite-sized segments to make the content more digestible for your audience and to provoke a sense of anticipation for more information about popular destinations within a country.

Streamlines your content creation process

Producing, editing, and managing one-off pieces of content can be a time consuming process. However, utilising content series can optimise and streamline your content creation process, making more efficient use of your time and energy.

Using content series in your marketing strategy allows you to re-purpose the same core content, format, and creative processes to create a sequence of engaging travel content. Not only does this make your content creation process more efficient, but it also ensures that you are regularly posting high-quality content to maintain engagement with your audience.

Builds trust & credibility

Regardless of if your content series contributes to a particular topic or adds to a broader conversation, it can help prove your company’s expertise and credibility within the travel and tourism industry. This is because incorporating a content series into your marketing strategy means you are regularly showing up on your audience’s feed, and people tend to search for dependable sources of information. Therefore, this is an effective way to build trust, reliability, and credibility. As your audience begins to put more trust in your company, you will establish more authority, create more interest, and generate more leads and bookings.

Boost your SEO efforts

Another important reason for creating a content series as part of your travel content marketing strategy is to boost your SEO efforts. You can do this by selecting a theme, researching related search terms, and then selecting focus keywords to utilise throughout your series to increase your visibility around that topic.

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