A New Blend Strange And Twinings Tea

A blend of enticing graphics, sound and animations were combined by Strange to launch a new site for Twinings, to showcase their new range of seven speciality teas.

The website allows consumers to explore the fascinating worlds of the seven speciality teas and blends in the Tea Deli range, most of which are rare or limited due to small harvests or limited picking seasons. The site features graphics, sound and animation that are sumptuous, unobtrusive and enticing to provide inspiration on how to drink the fine teas. With two navigation options, a straightforward navigation bar and a world map with pins of where each tea ritual take place, each tea or blend has its own section. Once a tea selection is made by the user, a leather-bound notebook details the sub-sections that allow the user to find out more about growing, harvesting and drinking the tea, as well as tasting notes from wine expert, Oz Clarke.

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