E-Zine By Strange Is Centre Of Nivea Campaign

Strange have produced e-zine, FYI (Fun, Young, Independence), to promote Nivea Visage Young beauty campaign. With a target audience of 16-19 year-olds it was built to replicate the familiarly of a traditional magazine.

Targeted at 16 to 19 year old girls, the FYI (fun, young, independent) e-zine promotes five issues through advertorials and promotions on the Hit 40 UK chart show and website, as well as the TMF channel and Look Magazine. Created to look like a physical magazine with pages that turn, FYI promotes user interaction and engagement through podcasts, vodcasts, video streaming, voting mechanics and discussion forums. Strange also developed social marketing initiatives to support the campaign. Nicole Goodwin, Senior Brand Manager at Nivea Visage comments,

We are keen to develop a deeper connection between NIVEA VISAGE Young and the target audience of teenage girls. With this campaign we have the chance to build the personality of the brand in a way that we believe will resonate with 16 – 19 year olds as they enter a new phase of independence in their lives. We will be giving them genuinely useful information, from expert relationship advice to keeping them abreast of the latest music and entertainment news, all geared to giving these girls the confidence and support they need to feel a million dollars when facing a plethora of new life experiences.

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