Google’s Travel Goals for Performance Max

As we move further and further away from the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for travel continues to increase. To help capture this increased demand, Google has introduced Performance Max for travel goals.

If you are unaware about Performance Max, you can read our previous blog. To summarise, it is a new goal-based campaign that uses multiple channels in order to drive conversions.

Performance Max for travel goals allows hotel advertisers to run ads across Search, Display, Video, Discover, Maps and Gmail. You only need to link your hotel centre account, select your budget and create your own asset groups. Powerful headlines and descriptions will even be suggested to you. Then, Google’s powerful AI will automatically choose the best channels, placements and ad copy in order to produce conversions.

Up to 100 hotels can be selected in a single campaign, all with different images, ad copy and locations. You will then be able to see which individual hotels are performing the best within the campaign.

Google says that on average, using Performance Max for travel goals, hotel advertisers receive an 18% increase in conversions and a similar cost per conversion.

Overall, Performance Max for travel goals is a powerful new tool that simplifies the ad creation process and allows you to reach multiple channels easily.

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