Our commitment to supporting Drupal and Drupal 10

As a Drupal Association Organisation Member, we’ve been proud supporters of Drupal for many years and Drupal is our go to CMS for many of our web development clients. When new Drupal releases launch, we’re often busy helping clients plan their upgrade path and with Drupal 10 launching in December, it’s a busy end to the year for our web development teams.

Drupal 10 upgrade path

If you’re already on Drupal 9 then upgrading to Drupal 10 is a relatively simple upgrade. However for older versions of Drupal, the upgrade path is a little more complicated. Drupal 9 provides the required technical architecture to upgrade to Drupal 10 and with Drupal 7 end of life scheduled for November 2023 and with Drupal 8 already retired in November 2021, there is no better time to make sure you’ve upgraded to Drupal 9. Drupal 10 borrows heavily from Drupal 9 an includes several key features of Drupal 9

  • Themes are overhauled with Seven being replaced by Claro as the administration theme, the default Bartik theme is replaced by Olivero and there’s a new theme Starterkit tool for theme creation
  • CKEditor 5 replaces CKEditor 4 for a more up to date editing and content management experience
  • Some elements of JQuery are replaced by more modern JavaScript components
  • Symfony 4 is replaced by Symfony 6 and PHP 8.1 is used

System management and development is greatly enhanced with Distributions, Starter Kits and Recipes that can help make the ideal start points for new projects and there’s plenty of pipeline developments coming soon too. Automatic Updates will help ease system maintenance tasks with intelligent patching capabilities and Project Browser will help admins easily find new modules and themes for their projects. All in all Drupal 10 promises to be a feature rich and important landmark in the evolution of the Drupal platform and as an agency committed to Drupal development, we look forward to our clients making the most of the new release.

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