POP BOOK launches and it’s popular

We're pleased to announce the launch of POP BOOK, the innovative smart phone app that allows users to make cute photo books from their camera roll, Facebook or Instagram feeds.

The POP BOOK brand, app, Magento ecommerce site and middleware were created by us to help people re-engage with the beauty of physical photos. POP BOOK is powered by Fujifilm, one of the most respected names in the photographic industry. A simple to use app interface, integrated with the Magento platform, allows customers to create books in a few taps and then either purchase them or share them for free on their on their social networks. Strange has also delivered a marketing launch campaign, including a PR and a blogger outreach programme, product videos and digital marketing across Facebook, Twitter, various app display networks, Google and Apple’s iAds. Kochava was selected for app tracking. Success has been instant and considerable. ‘I love these cute books’ seems to be the overriding customer feedback.

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